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Why You Should Get Prints Through Your Photographer || Jessica V Photography

Much to my dismay, I had a valued customer contact me and tell me that the printer I recommend locally, that she has used before, had messed up her prints.  She told me they were grey looking and really dark.  I was shocked, because I have never really had an issue before, or at least, I have never heard of one before with this particular printer.

I called this place, and they told me the issue had to be with my digital files I sent with her, since no one else has had any issues with their prints from them.  They were very nice and respectful, and offered to reprint the images for no cost to make sure.  So, they are totally not lacking in customer service or in their attempts to serve me.

I told them, that I would be having some printed through WHCC, and would be by in a few days to compare the two with them in person.

I just got my professionally printed versions of the prints in from WHCC a few minutes ago.



The left side pictures look almost underexposed, which if you follow me at all, is not something I am prone to do.  Also, they are discolored.  They look grey/blue, and the first picture isn’t even cut properly.

Makes me think more than twice about offering digital images, just because I want my clients to have proper color, exposure, and cuts on their prints.

-Jessica V.


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  1. I am a fan of this post!

  2. Molly says:

    Hi Jessica~ I stumbled across your post simply because I was looking for a good comparison for my FAQ sheet. Wow! What an eye opening post!

    Do you mind if I use your link on my FAQ sheet (example of why professional printing is better)?. Of course I would not copy, just link directly to this.

  3. Molly says:

    Thank you so much Jessica! Great post!

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